Mar 18, 2010

National Organization for Women’s High School Art Contest

The women of FOCUS magazine and the wonderful ladies of NOW got together in honor of Women’s History Month and assembled a great contest for high school students. We held a reception for the best five finalists who created the most innovative and fun artwork. NOW and FOCUS felt that these five finalists really explained the women of today and were very impressed with their artwork.

1st place winner
By Stephanie Cunningham

2nd place winner
“Future Techno Girl”
By Alex Chisolm

3rd place winner
“Self- Portrait”
By Zoe Kazzaz

“1950’s Housewife Renewed”
By Bo-Ashley Brindley

5th place winner
“Mother Earth Collage”
By Brian Riggs

The winner’s received giftcards and a free subscription to Ms. Magazine. The FOCUS girl’s are very proud of these students and are happy that they, even as young high school students are a part of the movement!!!

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